Growth Track

At Cross Mountain Church we want to help you discover God’s purpose for your life and we do that through our monthly CMC Growth Track. On the Growth Track you will Spend 2 Sundays diving into what it looks like to KNOW GOD, EXPERIENCE LIFE WITH OTHERS, MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the community, and start serving on the Dream Team.

The Growth Track happens every month in two consecutive Sundays, starting with Step One on the first Sunday of the month. We invite you to jump in at any time.  Lunch and childcare is provided. visit the information booth in the lobby for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each class?

Classes will last 1 hour long.

What is the minimum age required to attend a class?

The minimum age for this class is 16. Anyone under the age of 18 falls under the parent(s) spiritual leadership of the home. If the parent chooses to become a member of Cross Mountain, then the children (under 18) also become members.

If I attend a class, can I become a member?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to become a member of Cross Mountain at the end of the class; however, there is no pressure to join. You will be given a membership form that you can take home with you if you choose to pray about it first.

What do I need to bring with me to a class?

Nothing! Everything is provided in the class.

 Is there a cost to attend a class?

No, Cross Mountain will cover all food and childcare costs.