Tomorrow Starts Today

THE HUB - A Campaign for CMC Kids and Student Ministries

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Tomorrow Starts Today

THE HUB - A Campaign for CMC Kids and Student Ministries

Give Now to Tomorrow Starts Today

Over the years we have seen evidence that Cross Mountain Church is making an impact by introducing young people to fulfilling lives centered on Christ. However, we frequently find that our greatest challenge is that our facilities do not maximize our vision. We believe we have the potential to be a powerful influence in the lives of today’s young people. We just need more space!

Is to accommodate the growing demand within our Children and Student ministries program and allow us the room to welcome more community members who seek a more fulfilling life.

          Ramp up our efforts in our Children and Student ministries

         Increase our felt presence in the community

         Build a 30,000+ sqft building to give us the room to increase these ministries

There are two answers to this question, the first being the fact that our Children’s Ministry is bursting at the seams.  Nearly four years ago we built an incredible auditorium for our Adult Ministries that has allowed us to grow and move forward as a church.  However, at that time we did not add any substantial facilities to our Children and Student Ministries. As we have grown into our Auditorium, our Children and Student Ministries have also grown - only without the added space.  This next step will allow us to provide the needed space for both of these growing ministries.

Second, the Lord is calling us to ramp up our focus on children and students.  A startling statistic says that 83% of church-going high schoolers will graduate, leave the church and WILL NEVER COME BACK.  That just simply can not happen on our watch.  That can’t happen to our kids… our grandkids… or this next generation.  We can’t let space be the lid that keeps us from reaching more children and students.  Our leaders in both of these ministries have great plans and strategies to see children and students CONNECTED… and Knowing God, GROWING… and Experiencing Life… and SERVING and Making a Difference.  So now, we want to come alongside them and provide the additional space that they need to see this vision become a reality.

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